Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The vaccination/autism connection.

For those of you who cannot watch the Oprah show, today's show was really important. Jenny McCarthy and Holly Robinson Peete guested to talk about their sons who suffer from autism. It was interesting to hear Jenny talk about how she had brought her son back from autism by means of diet and activities designed to stimulate. She and Holly discussed how important it is to attack this disorder as quickly as possible after diagnosis. Unfortunately, they also discussed how difficult it is to get a good diagnosis and about how doctors do not know (or seem to care) about potential treatments.

It was even more important to hear Jenny McCarthy say out loud that she believes that vaccinations are directly implicated in the absolutely incredible rise in the rate of autism. Certainly, if you look historically at when autism began its meteoric rise, you will see that it parallels the rate of early and multi-vaccinations. The health system keeps adding more and more to the vaccination given to babies before their immune systems have even developed and insisting that is is completely safe even when the evidence is staring them in the face.

It was amazing to hear the statement from the CDC state that they are actually looking at this "potential" connection for the first time. I guess having to give a statement to the almighty Oprah Show puts you in an uncomfortable situation. This connection to vaccinations has been made on the Oprah Show before by another few parents of children with autism but Oprah seemed astounded at the possibility. Of course, when it was made before, her own special expert said that there was no connection - oops, how embarrassing! On that show, some of the parents were almost in tears at the end of the show after being made to look irrelevant and uneducated.

Jenny McCarthy has written a book about her experiences and information about autism. Just Google her for lots of info about it.

My first grandchild, a beautiful, wonderfully healthy baby girl, died only hours after receiving her vaccination. I have no doubt that we are endangering our children with these early and heavily laden vaccinations. I truly hope that our health people are looking seriously at this subject so that no more children are sacrificed in the name of "science."

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