Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Is this really news?

I'll out myself before I even start to complain. It may be that I am a little crankier than usual. I am detoxing from a medication that I cannot afford and that the Ontario government will not cover.

That being said, however, is it really news that one child, in the entire United States caught his Kroc in an escalator and hurt his toe? Oh wait, one child in Singapore also caught her toe while wearing Krocs. Good god, call out the Marines. Out of all the children in the U.S. and Singapore, two caught their toes while wearing Krocs! It's a national emergency and certainly deserving of wall-to-wall, on-going news coverage on every American and Canadian news station. For sure!

Now I am sorry that these two little dears hurt their little piggies but now I am also feeling sorry for all the kids who stubbed their toes running this summer while wearing sandals. And what about the kids who fell off their bikes? And what about the kids who are damaging themselves daily on their skateboards?

So many kids, so little bubble wrap.

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