Sunday, September 9, 2007

Oprah backs Obama

I admit it, I watch Oprah. For the most part it is an ok time waster although I have been known to tune out on occasion - especially when she gets into some of her "Men are monsters, or idiots or something to be rid of" shows. This happens most often when she has her friend the psychiatrist on. The doctor seems to have a real hate on for men in general, maybe because her marriage didn't turn out too well.

I am ok with the fact that Oprah favours black guests and often positively gushes over them I am ok that her garden party has only a couple of token white women. That is her prerogative. I am not so ok with her gushing support of Obama in his run for the presidency.

It is a fact that blacks were treated badly in the past and probably are treated badly in some places even now, so supporting your own is a good thing. Some of her guests have been well-known black men who have started schools and sporting events in order to help black kids get ahead. Oprah has herself started a school in Africa to assist young black girls prosper, although she might want to think about starting one in the USA. There are some areas that could benefit greatly from it.

So I get the supporting your own idea, I really do! I wonder, however, about supporting the first black man to run for president so overtly that you not only give your verbal support, but you throw political parties and show up at special events for him. When Oprah started supporting him, he had just thrown his hat in the ring and nobody really knew what he stood for but even then she was all about Obama.

I approve of helping your own to get ahead and I am sure the thought of a black President is appealing to Oprah and to most African-Americans but I wonder if that is a good enough reason for someone with the clout of Oprah to back him so strongly. He is very young, with little political experience and without any experience in leadership. He seems weak on foreign policy and I sure wouldn't want to see him have to go up against some of the really strong leaders in the world.

I find it disturbing that to many people the colour of his skin makes him a viable candidate for the most important job in the world. Surely there are more important attributes.

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