Saturday, October 27, 2007

Every child has the right to know his/her Dad

I just read the saddest story of a Dad who lost his three children when mom just up and moved away and, although the civil servants who gladly took his money, they would not let him know where his children were. He spent endless hours searching for them. Sadly, after eight years, he happened to hear an item on the TV about how his son had died years before while trying to rescue another child who was drowning. You can read about this horrible injustice at the following website:

I wonder just how many men like this there are and how many children there are wondering why Daddy went away and doesn't love them anymore. I wonder about how this affects these children for the rest of their lives. Little boys growing up with a missing Dad tend to be violent and little girls tend to be loose sexually, always searching for affirmation, proof that they deserve to be loved because of the Father's love that they were denied.

My two beautiful grandchildren are among those children. Although their Daddy loves them dearly, he is forbidden by a corrupt court system and false charges from seeing them. I wonder what they think of their missing Daddy and Grandma and aunts and uncles. I am sure that they think that we don't care and nothing could be further from the truth.

My brother, now seventy, hasn't seen his daughter since she was five years old when he and his younger wife divorced. My sister-in-law was so bitter about the divorce that she would never let him see his daughter no matter how many times he went to court and no matter how many times the court insisted that he be allowed visitation.

After years on fighting and thousands upon thousands of dollars spent on legal fees, my brother finally just gave up. When I tried to talk him into continuing, he said that there would be no point by then, that his daughter wouldn't know him and wouldn't want to visit with a stranger, particularly a stranger that she would have been told was a bad man.

She doesn't know that her grandparents missed her terribly or that they bought and wrapped gifts for her every year for her birthday and Christmas in the hopes that her mother would bring her for a visit She doesn't know that her Dad is a lovely, gentle man who never harmed anyone in his life but who had a successful career in the government and later taught at a very good college. She doesn't know that she has seven cousins.

If anyone knows Carly Beth Edwards who would be 26 years old now, please let her know that we would love to have the chance to meet her and that her Dad would dearly love to have the chance to see her again.

I think that this sort of parental alienation by mothers and by the system is an abomination. I know people who think that this is a plot by the government to break down the family system. I hope that is not true.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Canada's flawed justice

Today, an Ontario man was found innocent of a terrible crime - after he spent 12 years in jail for the crime of raping and killing his 4-year-old niece, a crime that never happened. The police decided on the day the girl died that he was guilty and a medical examiner, who apparently was very inept and whose cases are all now suspect, backed them up. You may say that the system worked and that he was eventually found not guilty but will that give him back the 12 years plus that he spent in a federal prison and will that give him back the respect of his family and his neighbours? Will it replace the years in which he might have made something of himself, might have married and had children? No amount of money will atone for the wrong done to him by our justice system.

Unfortunately, he is only one of a long list of people who have been found innocent after spending long periods in jail after being wrongly convicted. Most of these have happened because of police who decide who they think is guilty and make the evidence fit. Thank goodness for the students who work on these cold cases and for the few decent lawyers who help by appealing the cases. I can't believe I just said decent and lawyers in the same sentence!

Unfortunately, I have seen this sort of thing first hand. I have stood in the hall of a courthouse and listened to police officers decide exactly what lies they would be prepared to tell to the court. I have had a relative accused falsely of crimes not committed and then had the Crown offer to drop some of the charges if my relative would plead guilty to some, knowing full well that defending all the charges would bankrupt our family. There was a time when I would have said "If there's smoke there must be fire" but now I know that the system itself is on fire and that unless you have lots and lots of money, you are powerless against it if they want you to be guilty.

The police have too much power, the Crown has too much power and there is virtually no way to defend yourself against them. The politicians, who are intended to work for us, are totally uninterested in the fact that the system is flawed and the newspapers, who claim to do investigative reporting do not care. Too bad.

Even more female police violence

It seems that every time we turn around, there are more incidents of female police violence. A while ago I wrote about one incident. Before that, we had an off duty female police officer deliberately go to her house, get her gun and kill her married lover.

Now there is a lovely video of a female police officer shooting at a man who is already subdued by a male officer and who is not struggling. I guess the only good part of the video is that she is apparently not a very good shot as the surprised male officer and the detainee both appear to be ok after the shot.

I am a female and I know that women can do almost anything they set their minds to but I wonder about the appropriateness of females in some professions.

I know that if I am in a fire, I want the biggest, strongest fire fighter to come and help me, not a woman who has her job because of political correctness. No matter how strong she is, she will not be as strong as a man in the same job.

I know that if I am every to be arrested, much as I don't care for the police, I would rather be arrested by a male police officer. It seems that woman who are given that sort of authority and who carry a gun are not always able to remove their emotions from their actions.

Take a look at the video and see what I mean. Bet nothing happens to anyone here but the man apprehended.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

More police violence

American TV is today featuring video of a police officer subduing at skinny little fifteen year old girl who was guilty of breaking curfew. This big strong man was apparently not able to deal with a little girl bent over the hood of his car saying "I'm sorry sir" while he was trying to handcuff her behind her back. He was, however, able to remove one of his arms from his attempt to put her in handcuffs so he could get out his pepper spray and shoot it twice directly onto her face.

The first question should be why he would put her in handcuffs for breaking curfew - seems like overkill to me. The second should be why he would feel it necessary to use such a powerful and disgusting weapon on a young girl.

Thank goodness for dash cams and all the cameras that are around today so we can see what an incredible bunch of bullies the police are. If that man could not deal with that little girl without using a powerful weapon like pepper spray, then he ought to be dismissed from the force. Of course, that won't happen because it is normal behavior for the police in the USA and in Canada, probably everywhere in the world.

The powers that be in Florida have looked at the video and concluded that the officer acted appropriately! It seem that their view of appropriate and mine are quite different.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Violent female police

Apparently a female Toronto police officer has been charged with three counts of assault in a domestic dispute. No surprise here. Police women are natural born bullies who are prone to assault verbally and physically and who use their office to especially pick on men with whom they come into contact officially. They take delight in laying excessive charges and breaking up families. Many women who do not wish to have their husbands charged after domestic disputes, violent or verbal, are threatened by these bullies in concert with the lesbians at the Children's Aid.

Kimberly Hancock, the officer in question, is a detective with the sex crimes unit who apparently believes that might means right. You know that this must be very serious for the police to charge one of their own. Of course, no more information can be revealed because she is a member of the force and must, at all costs, be protected. Too bad the same does not apply to other citizens when these harridans decide that a person is guilty and must be punished.

Wait for this one to disappear and never be heard of again. Amazing how that happens!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Ontario voters are the pits!

I cannot believe that Ontario voters are about to return the Liberals to power next week. This completely boggles my mind!

We have a Liberal government that has lied numerous times, raised taxes when they actually signed a pledge that they would not. They claimed that they could not possibly get along without the increased taxes and then ended up with a huge surplus that they are using to buy votes.

They make claims that are outright lies. They claim that they have reduced waiting times for medical procedures. Try telling that to anyone who doesn't live in Toronto. Wait times to even hear from a surgeon's office vary from one to two years, then you get to wait for the actual appointment and then wait for the surgery. I bet Dalton's mom wouldn't have to wait that long if she needed a hip or knee replacement.

They claim that they are hiring 1700 new nurses. Where exactly are they hiring them from? I don't believe that there are enough new nurses available to replace the ones that are retiring let along adding 1700.

They have put the eyesight of Ontarioans in jeopardy be de-listing most eyesight examinations. There will be a terrible price to pay when people start to lose their eyesight due to the various problems that could have been detected early with an examination.

They will not cover an ever-increasing number of prescription medications including one which might bring relief to the many thousands suffering from Fibromyalgia, a debilitating condition that ruins people's lives.

But, let the Conservative leader suggest that it might be time for fairness in funding faith-based schools as six other provinces/territories have already done and people are fleeing like scared lemmings. They are, apparently, unable to understand that this would be a good thing that would ensure that every child is taught the approved Ontario curriculum by approved teachers and would ensure that inspections and regular testing would be carried out.

If you vote Liberal, you will surely deserve the government you will get. God help the rest of us.

Violence against women?

We hear so much from the media about male on female violence and certainly it is to be despised, as is any violence. We hear about safe houses for women and children and how important they are. We hear about how it is never, never acceptable for a man to be violent with women.

I agree.

How is it then that we see so much in the media that features female on male violence and that is okay? How many commercials are on the television right now that have females punching, kicking and otherwise abusing men? Certainly more than I care to see. These commercials foster a feeling among women that they can actually beat on men and not get hurt, unless, of course, they are beating on one of the new breed of she-males that are so prevalent in the cities. I know it is not the popular thing to say but generally women are not as strong as men and it would be really stupid for almost any woman to pick a physical fight with a man and hope to win.

In TV programs and movies, women are always beating up men. Again, unless you are a female superhero, it isn't going to happen.

Most importantly, however, why is is okay to portray women beating up men when the reverse would never be acceptable? The hue and cry that would arise from the women's movement and the left wingers would surely deafen us all!

Police stupidity