Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Violent female police

Apparently a female Toronto police officer has been charged with three counts of assault in a domestic dispute. No surprise here. Police women are natural born bullies who are prone to assault verbally and physically and who use their office to especially pick on men with whom they come into contact officially. They take delight in laying excessive charges and breaking up families. Many women who do not wish to have their husbands charged after domestic disputes, violent or verbal, are threatened by these bullies in concert with the lesbians at the Children's Aid.

Kimberly Hancock, the officer in question, is a detective with the sex crimes unit who apparently believes that might means right. You know that this must be very serious for the police to charge one of their own. Of course, no more information can be revealed because she is a member of the force and must, at all costs, be protected. Too bad the same does not apply to other citizens when these harridans decide that a person is guilty and must be punished.

Wait for this one to disappear and never be heard of again. Amazing how that happens!

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Jay R said...


Good blog. As more women like you start to call feminism on its destructive, hateful b.s., there may be a chance to blunt the impact of the coming gender debacle as men finally wake up and decide its time to take the gloves off.

Police stupidity