Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Ontario voters are the pits!

I cannot believe that Ontario voters are about to return the Liberals to power next week. This completely boggles my mind!

We have a Liberal government that has lied numerous times, raised taxes when they actually signed a pledge that they would not. They claimed that they could not possibly get along without the increased taxes and then ended up with a huge surplus that they are using to buy votes.

They make claims that are outright lies. They claim that they have reduced waiting times for medical procedures. Try telling that to anyone who doesn't live in Toronto. Wait times to even hear from a surgeon's office vary from one to two years, then you get to wait for the actual appointment and then wait for the surgery. I bet Dalton's mom wouldn't have to wait that long if she needed a hip or knee replacement.

They claim that they are hiring 1700 new nurses. Where exactly are they hiring them from? I don't believe that there are enough new nurses available to replace the ones that are retiring let along adding 1700.

They have put the eyesight of Ontarioans in jeopardy be de-listing most eyesight examinations. There will be a terrible price to pay when people start to lose their eyesight due to the various problems that could have been detected early with an examination.

They will not cover an ever-increasing number of prescription medications including one which might bring relief to the many thousands suffering from Fibromyalgia, a debilitating condition that ruins people's lives.

But, let the Conservative leader suggest that it might be time for fairness in funding faith-based schools as six other provinces/territories have already done and people are fleeing like scared lemmings. They are, apparently, unable to understand that this would be a good thing that would ensure that every child is taught the approved Ontario curriculum by approved teachers and would ensure that inspections and regular testing would be carried out.

If you vote Liberal, you will surely deserve the government you will get. God help the rest of us.

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