Saturday, October 27, 2007

Every child has the right to know his/her Dad

I just read the saddest story of a Dad who lost his three children when mom just up and moved away and, although the civil servants who gladly took his money, they would not let him know where his children were. He spent endless hours searching for them. Sadly, after eight years, he happened to hear an item on the TV about how his son had died years before while trying to rescue another child who was drowning. You can read about this horrible injustice at the following website:

I wonder just how many men like this there are and how many children there are wondering why Daddy went away and doesn't love them anymore. I wonder about how this affects these children for the rest of their lives. Little boys growing up with a missing Dad tend to be violent and little girls tend to be loose sexually, always searching for affirmation, proof that they deserve to be loved because of the Father's love that they were denied.

My two beautiful grandchildren are among those children. Although their Daddy loves them dearly, he is forbidden by a corrupt court system and false charges from seeing them. I wonder what they think of their missing Daddy and Grandma and aunts and uncles. I am sure that they think that we don't care and nothing could be further from the truth.

My brother, now seventy, hasn't seen his daughter since she was five years old when he and his younger wife divorced. My sister-in-law was so bitter about the divorce that she would never let him see his daughter no matter how many times he went to court and no matter how many times the court insisted that he be allowed visitation.

After years on fighting and thousands upon thousands of dollars spent on legal fees, my brother finally just gave up. When I tried to talk him into continuing, he said that there would be no point by then, that his daughter wouldn't know him and wouldn't want to visit with a stranger, particularly a stranger that she would have been told was a bad man.

She doesn't know that her grandparents missed her terribly or that they bought and wrapped gifts for her every year for her birthday and Christmas in the hopes that her mother would bring her for a visit She doesn't know that her Dad is a lovely, gentle man who never harmed anyone in his life but who had a successful career in the government and later taught at a very good college. She doesn't know that she has seven cousins.

If anyone knows Carly Beth Edwards who would be 26 years old now, please let her know that we would love to have the chance to meet her and that her Dad would dearly love to have the chance to see her again.

I think that this sort of parental alienation by mothers and by the system is an abomination. I know people who think that this is a plot by the government to break down the family system. I hope that is not true.

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