Saturday, October 6, 2007

More police violence

American TV is today featuring video of a police officer subduing at skinny little fifteen year old girl who was guilty of breaking curfew. This big strong man was apparently not able to deal with a little girl bent over the hood of his car saying "I'm sorry sir" while he was trying to handcuff her behind her back. He was, however, able to remove one of his arms from his attempt to put her in handcuffs so he could get out his pepper spray and shoot it twice directly onto her face.

The first question should be why he would put her in handcuffs for breaking curfew - seems like overkill to me. The second should be why he would feel it necessary to use such a powerful and disgusting weapon on a young girl.

Thank goodness for dash cams and all the cameras that are around today so we can see what an incredible bunch of bullies the police are. If that man could not deal with that little girl without using a powerful weapon like pepper spray, then he ought to be dismissed from the force. Of course, that won't happen because it is normal behavior for the police in the USA and in Canada, probably everywhere in the world.

The powers that be in Florida have looked at the video and concluded that the officer acted appropriately! It seem that their view of appropriate and mine are quite different.

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