Thursday, October 23, 2008

Get ready, the Marxists are coming!

I just love this U.S. election campaign. Our Canadian campaign recently was called, campaigned and voted on in six short weeks. How mundane! Yours, on the other hand, seems to have been going on for years.

Although I am fascinated by American politics in general, this election has me completely stymied. The American and world media have decided on whom they wish to have elected and will not countenance any comments, true or false, that put their choice in a bad light.

Obama prays for over 20 years with a man who hates whites in general and American whites in particular. He says that if that Jesus is not a black man then he can go to hell. When this is pointed out to Obama, he states that he never heard any sermons or comments like that from his pastor and outwardly, at least, cuts of his ties with him. The media says "Oh, well then, that's okay."

He sits on boards with an unashamed American terrorist responsible for bombings that actually killed other Americans. He works with him on school funding; holds his first state senate campaign in the terrorist's home and yet since the man was a terrorist when Obama was 8 years old, Americans are told that it doesn't matter and that they are just nit picking and mean spirited.

His connections to Louis Farrakhan and Kenyan terrorists, we are told, are nothing to be concerned about. The fact that his own brother (half-brother, I know) lives in a shack with a rag over the door while trying desperately to educate himself and yet nobody asks why Obama hasn't helped him. He and his wife would certainly be considered very well off and the cost of assisting a Kenyan relative would be negligible to the Obamas.

Mr. Obama has little national experience and little state experience. Most of his time in the U.S. Senate has been spent running for President. If campaign ads suggest that he may not have enough experience for the most important job in the world, they are dismissed as negative advertising.

He has virtually no experience in world politics but because citizens of other countries treat him like a rock star, he gets a pass.

I actually heard a Chicago radio station tonight asking people how they planned to vote and why. One woman actually stated that she would rather look at him than John McCain for the next 4 years. That's certainly a novel reason to vote for someone who will have complete control of her country for at least for years - complete because it seems certain that the Commons and Senate will be democrat as well. An interesting reason to select someone for the number one job in the entire planet.

The democratic candidate, Joe Biden, runs off at the mouth and says things that are embarrassing to the campaign and the press says "Oh, that's just Joe." Let Palin make a small mistake and she is the dumbest person ever.

Although every aspect of Sarah Palin's appearance has been questioned, I haven't heard anyone asking what happened to the lines in Joe Biden's forehead (A little collagen anyone?) or why he seems to have more hair that he did when it was a darker colour.

By contrast, the treatment of John McCain and Sarah Palin by the media and democrats in general is vicious. Mr. McCain is dismissed as old and doddering although he certainly seems to have all his marbles and has a mountain of experience compared to Obama. Mr. McCain does not have the questionable associates that Mr. Obama does but that is apparently not important. I guess he is just not "cute" enough for the American voter.

Sarah Palin, who didn't ask for the job of V.P., on the other hand has been savaged by all but the republican base. The media, who are so disinterested in Obama's background, have poked and prodded every aspect of her life. They dismiss her as inexperienced although she has much more relevant experience than Obama. They make fun of her accent although there seem to be an awful lot of odd accents in the Senate and the House. They seem disgusted that she enjoys the outdoors and can actually bring home dinner for the family. They resent that she actually needs a wardrobe for the campaign.

On The View today, they discussed that she had bought new clothes and makeup. Joy Behar actually stated that the makeup purchase was probably lipstick for the pig! Can you imagine anyone having the temerity to make a comment like that about Mrs. Obama? Can you imagine the whining, crying and gnashing of teeth. But, since it was directed at Sarah Palin, it was apparently quite funny.

She has been attacked although she is only trying to serve her country - surely something to admire, not to discredit. Her husband has been attacked because he doesn't have a "normal" job like others in the Beltway. Her children have been attacked - even her son-in-law to be. The every courteous Joy Behar very nastily chided him for not being in college at 18 years old and asked "What the heck was wrong with him?" Although he has stepped forward to do what he considers his duty, people are disgusted that he will not be going to college at this time.

I am quite resigned to the fact that Canada's closest neighbour and biggest trading partner is apparently going to be governed by a Marxist but I fear for all of us. I hope that we all make it through and that Americans do not lose too many of their rights - rights that were given to them by spectacular men at the birth of the United States of America. American Democrats, like Canadian Liberals, always think that they are smarter than you, can spend money better than you and feel that you certainly need more laws to control you so you don't think for yourself too much.

God help us all!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Shame on CNN - Shame on John Roberts!

Although I am Canadian, I am fascinated by the American elections which are obviously far too long but infinitely more interesting than ours in Canada. I should probably mind my own business but the bad reporting that I have been viewing on CNN is making me crazy!

It was always my (apparently mistaken) impression that news people should present the news in a unbiased manner and that commentators present their own interpretation of the news based on their beliefs. When I turn in to Glenn Beck on CNN, I know that I am going to hear information from a conservative. When I tune in to Lou Dobbs on CNN, I know that he is a registered independent who doesn't much like anyone. But I really did think that news people held themselves apart from this and just presented the news.

It seems that I am uninformed and that the news is there to be molded and shaped to the beliefs of the news person doing the reporting. It also seems that, for the most part, the news people on CNN are Democrats who are unable to present unbiased news. In their choice of words and the manner of presentation, these news people could easily be on the Democratic payroll.

It is absolutely appalling that people who present the news should distort it to further their own political beliefs and choices. This evening, I watched John Roberts, a former Canadian himself, as he discussed last night's debate and managed to demean and insult and misinterpret John McCain in his every word and action. Obama, on the other hand, must surely be sporting a halo due to his intelligence and good manners and good policies - according to John Robers' interpretations.

Shame on you JD! You used to be a decent news person but these days you should be embarrassed at the way you are presenting the facts of this election. If not, I am certainly embarrassed for you and for CNN.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

I was away that day --yeah, that's it!

Barack Obama apparently went to the same church for 20 years. He was married there and his children were born there. In his book, he credits his Pastor with being his mentor in life.

Now, videos have appeared of his Pastor stating that the U.S. created Aids to kill off black men, that the U.S. deserved to be attacked by terrorists, that the hymn should not be God Bless America but instead God Damn America. There are videotaped sermons in which he rails against white people including Hillary Clinton, a woman who has for her whole adult life fought against discrimination against blacks. as well as all those rich white men who run the country. Only Obama, according to him is qualified to know what it is to be an American. Incredibly vicious rants are now coming to light from the man who is Barack Obama's mentor.

Obama's defense about being so closely aligned to such a racist? Why, he had no idea - he was away that day and all the others and didn't hear what his Pastor had to say. Strange considering that his wife, after taking advantage of all that American has to offer, says that she is now, for the first time in her life, proud of her country.

He was away that day? I bet the dog ate his homework too.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

The China Syndrome?

Can anyone watch what is going on in Tibet, the killing of protesters, foreigners being ordered to leave the country so that the world cannot see their atrocities, a brutal and violent suppression of a people wanting control of their own country, can you watch this and tell me why it is that we are so eager to have relations with China?

Can you tell me how it ever happened that a country where the people are killed by the state, jailed for any sort of dissension, kept from knowing what is happening in the rest of the world by state control of news, including the internet, was selected to hold the Olympics - a country that takes children from their homes to train them for whatever sport that they show an aptitude for so that China can win medals?

Can you tell me why we want to make China a preferred trading partner, a country that pays its workers meager wages and which has no hesitation is using poisonous ingredients in food exported around the world to end up on our tables and in our pets' dishes?

Can you tell me why we are even importing food from a country where farmers sleep with their animals and chickens, causing them and their families to contract diseases that will eventually be spread around the world causing countless deaths? Why our food manufacturers are not required to tell us when their products contain ingredients from this backward, conscienceless country?

I realize that it is probably impossible to completely boycott Chinese products, but I, for one, am going to give it a try. Although I respect our Canadian athletes and wish them the best in the Olympics, I will not be watching any of it on our state-run television station. I hope that some of you will join me in my own personal boycott.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Prisons - so many questions!

I recently received a mailing from my MP which included a survey form that asked if I approved of serious offenders spending their time under house arrest or whether they should spend their time in jail. This is such a simplistic and self-serving question that it is an insult to the intelligence of his constituency. Of course, serious or dangerous offenders should spend their time in jail.

Perhaps the bigger question is why so many people are in jail for charges like trying to contact their children after a divorce or why so many wives are able to deny visitation with children or why so many women lay false charges against their husbands, many of which are dropped after the man spends time in jail and spends huge amounts of money defending himself and why these women are never charged with laying false charges or contempt of court.

Maybe he should look into actual conditions in jails and think about whether they actually do help real offenders come back into society as productive citizens. Some of the questions he should look into are:
- why up to 50% of the men in provincial jails are there on domestic charges and whether this fact suggests that the family courts are out of control and dedicated to breaking up families rather than protecting women and children.
- why we are so political correct that we have female guards in these prisons who actually run from any violence and put inmates into danger by their absence.
- why most of the drugs in jails are brought in by guards themselves and that often female guards bring them in their vagina.
- why medications are funded for only 5 days regardless of need.
- why a jail that has completely separate sections has a problem in only one section and then locks down the entire jail for 60 days and why the prison would offer cabbage during that time apparently thinking that it would be a huge joke on people who are confined in small spaces.
- why homosexual guards often molest prisoners.
- why guards actually open cell doors when the toughest prisoners (servers) demand it in order to wreak their vengeance on someone they feel is their enemy.
- why many female guards have sex with prisoners on a regular basis.
- why most people in jails actually shouldn't be there and there is no societal gain in having them there.

Perhaps if my MP and his colleagues spent more time asking these questions and actually visiting jails and talking to prisoners without their overseers present, they might have a better idea of what is actually happening in our prisons and a better idea of how to improve our prison systems.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Poor Michelle Obama??

Although I am Canadian, I find American politics fascinating and am an avid news hound. I am finding the current run for the Democratic party leadership particularly interesting. The politics surrounding a female candidate with a wayward husband and a semi-black young man with a terrifically opinionated wife is a study in political correctness and an illustration of how completely stupid it can be.

For example, I keep hearing of how Michelle Obama grew up in poverty. Now, she did live with her brother and parents in a one-bedroom apartment but other than that I am having trouble with the poverty part. Her father worked for the city and she is quoted as saying "The only amazing thing about my life is that a man like my father could raise a family of four on a single city worker's salary."

I am older than Mrs. Obama but, unlike her, I never thought of myself as growing up poor. My father spent five years overseas in the army, never even once getting home for a visit. When he returned in 1945, I was five years old, having been born after he left. We were fortunate to be able to have a "wartime house" since my father was a veteran - not fancy and very small but we liked it. My father brought back from the war a very serious and painful ulcer which would now be considered a disability but that was not even considered after that war. For many years he was only able to work sporadically and spent a lot of time in the hospital recovering from hemorrhaging. During this time, we lived on my mother's salary as a secretary, a very low paying position then compared to administrative assistants now. From her meager salary, it was necessary to pay the medical bills incurred by my father's illness as well as all the other household financial requirements yet strangely, I didn't consider myself particularly poor. We had good quality food, not fancy but good. We had clothes to wear and we had fun. When we were in our early teens we all had part time jobs out of which we were required to pay board.

I know many people who grew up in similar circumstances but I don't believe I have ever heard even one talk about growing up poor and I don't know anyone who was amazed that their parents could manage on one salary.

I guess it reads well in a political bio to say that she grew up poor and I guess if you are someone like Anderson Cooper her background sounds poor but to millions of Americans and lots of Canadians, her upbringing and education is something to be envious of and the "poor" label is really something of an insult.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Male/Female Inequality

Can you imagine a sitcom in which the star, a man, would throw something in anger at a woman? It would never happen. It seems to be ok, and maybe even funny though, if a woman throws something at a man.

Case in point - in the trailer for the new Canadian sitcom, the star is furious and she throws something sharp at her boyfriend. He ducks and it pierces the wall behind his head. This is supposed to be funny. Would it be considered funny if a man did it? I think not.

The physical abuse of men is so common in the media that nobody even notices it. Woman punch, slap and push men with regularity on TV and in movies all the time.

Why is that ok?

The only time you see a man hit a woman in the media is shortly before he is arrested.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Obama Just Might Be the Anti-Christ

For some time now I have been watching Barak Obama and feeling strangely uneasy. When asked why, I really couldn't put my finger on it.

Maybe it's because his birth religion is Muslim and it usually seems that Islam trumps all when push comes to shove.

Maybe it's because he never, ever mentions that his mother is white and he was raised by his white grandparents in a white world and yet he promotes the fact that he is "black". I don't believe he ever visited his other family in Africa until this election.

Maybe it's because he belongs to a church that has a pastor who is decidedly anti-white and anti-white American and pro radical blacks such as Louis Farrrakhan, Nation of Islam leader.

Maybe it's because he has not much experience in politics and has not, until last week, made any real policy statements other than that he would talk to the dictators of the world and I guess that would make them our friends. The policy statements that he finally made involved spending huge amounts of money in a time when the West is in a serious financial situation with China owning most of the US debt.

Maybe it is because the Hollywood "stars" all seem to love him so much. That would be the same people who revere Fidel Castro and think that he is a genius in spite of the fact that they would have been rounded up and put to death, like many Cuban writers and artists were, if they did, in fact, live in Cuba.

Maybe is the extreme adoration that is going on with most Americans for this charismatic orator in spite of the fact that he has never proven himself to be a good politician or a leader or to have any of the experience that is certainly needed to be the leader of the free world.

Or, maybe it's because so much of this situation is pretty much as described in the Bible about the coming of the anti-Christ.

Conservatives of Ontario Unite

You have had your vote and now it is time to unite behind John Tory. I realize that some of you would have liked an 80% approval vote but 67% is a win no matter how you look at it.

Please set aside any bad feelings that you have and work at making people feel positive about Conservatives for Ontario. John Tory is a good, well-meaning man who made a "political" mistake in the last election. Unfortunately (or fortunately) he tries to do what he thinks is right even though it may not be the expedient political thing to do. I am sure he has learned from the last election and will be a regular politician next time saying only what will get him and you elected - too bad it has to be that way.

For the sake of those of us in Ontario who cannot stand the lying Liberal way and the lying Dalton, please work with him and show Ontarioans that Conservatism is right for Ontario in the interim and in the next election.

It's time for the Conservatives to return to power and work toward a better Ontario for all of us!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Boybott Loblaws

Loblaws apparently has a problem with shrinkage much of which they are blaming on staff. In order to deal with this problem they will no longer hire anyone with a criminal record. I understand they they have a situation to deal with but I cannot believe that this is a solution which is good for them or for society.

I doubt that people are aware of how many jobs are not available to people with a criminal record of any kind. They cannot be bonded although their record may have nothing to do with theft. They cannot have jobs, such as selling cars, if they require a license. Many, many companies will not hire anyone with a criminal record, no matter what the circumstance.

People say that if you do the crime you must do the time. They want you to straighten up and live right and become a productive member of society but then they make it impossible for you to do so. Nobody wants to take a chance on you so that you can, in fact, become that productive citizen.

Often young people do one stupid thing such as a minor theft or being charged with assault after an altercation. Should they be prohibited from obtaining a job indefinitely for that?

I doubt also that most people are aware of how many people get into the "justice" system and end up with a criminal record although they have not committed a criminal act. The family court system in particular seems to delight in charging men with a vast number of charges when a woman decides to lay a false charge. In order to get out of the situation without bankrupting their entire family to pay legal costs, they are given the option of accepting one or two of the charges (usually their choice) so that the others can be dropped. Often that is the only way to avoid going to jail or financial ruin for their families so they accept a couple of charges even though they may never have committed an illegal act. Unfortunately, what these men are not aware of in pleading to a criminal charge is that they will never see their children again and they will find it almost impossible to get a job of any kind.

How on earth is anyone with a criminal charge expected to become a productive member of society when it is made impossible by that very society? Has Loblaws or other companies who will not even consider people with a criminal record given any thought to what this does to the very society they are so concerned about?

There are many, many people with minor criminal records in this situation and many families who are trying to help them. I think we should all band together and boycott Loblaws and all their other stores such as Zehr's, Super Store, etc. I think we should all send a protest to Loblaws and let them know that we will not be sending any more cash their way until they re-think this policy. Since money is their motivation, let's not give them any of ours. I will be sending my protest. Will you?

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Kudos to Kellogg's

I know it's a small thing, but congratulations to Kellogg's and their advertising people who have finally portrayed a man in a Rice Crispies commercial as a capable and caring Dad of three little girls. This happens so seldom that it is worth a special mention.

Normally, men are completely absent from the family unit in commercials and Supermom looks after everything including home repairs. If men are portrayed at all, they are complete imbeciles who are not nearly as smart as their children and, of course, only tolerated by their wives. They squeal like teenaged girls when frightened by fibre or by the fact that dinner is ready. Their wives barely tolerate them and the children disregard them as if they were sub-human.

Way to go Kellogg's - we need more of this sort of respectful advertising in a world gone mad.

Police stupidity