Friday, March 14, 2008

Prisons - so many questions!

I recently received a mailing from my MP which included a survey form that asked if I approved of serious offenders spending their time under house arrest or whether they should spend their time in jail. This is such a simplistic and self-serving question that it is an insult to the intelligence of his constituency. Of course, serious or dangerous offenders should spend their time in jail.

Perhaps the bigger question is why so many people are in jail for charges like trying to contact their children after a divorce or why so many wives are able to deny visitation with children or why so many women lay false charges against their husbands, many of which are dropped after the man spends time in jail and spends huge amounts of money defending himself and why these women are never charged with laying false charges or contempt of court.

Maybe he should look into actual conditions in jails and think about whether they actually do help real offenders come back into society as productive citizens. Some of the questions he should look into are:
- why up to 50% of the men in provincial jails are there on domestic charges and whether this fact suggests that the family courts are out of control and dedicated to breaking up families rather than protecting women and children.
- why we are so political correct that we have female guards in these prisons who actually run from any violence and put inmates into danger by their absence.
- why most of the drugs in jails are brought in by guards themselves and that often female guards bring them in their vagina.
- why medications are funded for only 5 days regardless of need.
- why a jail that has completely separate sections has a problem in only one section and then locks down the entire jail for 60 days and why the prison would offer cabbage during that time apparently thinking that it would be a huge joke on people who are confined in small spaces.
- why homosexual guards often molest prisoners.
- why guards actually open cell doors when the toughest prisoners (servers) demand it in order to wreak their vengeance on someone they feel is their enemy.
- why many female guards have sex with prisoners on a regular basis.
- why most people in jails actually shouldn't be there and there is no societal gain in having them there.

Perhaps if my MP and his colleagues spent more time asking these questions and actually visiting jails and talking to prisoners without their overseers present, they might have a better idea of what is actually happening in our prisons and a better idea of how to improve our prison systems.

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