Sunday, March 16, 2008

I was away that day --yeah, that's it!

Barack Obama apparently went to the same church for 20 years. He was married there and his children were born there. In his book, he credits his Pastor with being his mentor in life.

Now, videos have appeared of his Pastor stating that the U.S. created Aids to kill off black men, that the U.S. deserved to be attacked by terrorists, that the hymn should not be God Bless America but instead God Damn America. There are videotaped sermons in which he rails against white people including Hillary Clinton, a woman who has for her whole adult life fought against discrimination against blacks. as well as all those rich white men who run the country. Only Obama, according to him is qualified to know what it is to be an American. Incredibly vicious rants are now coming to light from the man who is Barack Obama's mentor.

Obama's defense about being so closely aligned to such a racist? Why, he had no idea - he was away that day and all the others and didn't hear what his Pastor had to say. Strange considering that his wife, after taking advantage of all that American has to offer, says that she is now, for the first time in her life, proud of her country.

He was away that day? I bet the dog ate his homework too.

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