Thursday, February 19, 2009

New York Post Cartoon

Get a grip people! I'm not even American and I can see what this cartoon means. The "stimulus bill" was not written by President Obama - he didn't even give any direction as to what should be in the bill and he certainly didn't read it before it was signed. It was written by Nancy Pelosi and edited by the Senate Democratic members.

It's pretty clear that the cartoon is suggesting that the bill was written by a bunch of monkeys - a pretty good suggestion. This bill has almost no stimulus in it and is just a vehicle to implement a left wing wish list.

Certainly, it is in bad taste (as most political cartoons are) and I guess it was unwise to use it when a sort-of black President was just elected. What is amazing to me is that it is always blacks who take anything like this to suggest that there is a connection between people with dark skin and primates. The same happened when the basketball player and the model (I can't remember who either was) were featured on the cover of a prominent magazine. I just thought of it as a comparison between a huge, strong sports figure and a slim, delicate model. The monkey-black connection would never have occurred to me if I had seen it on the newsstand and I was interested to see that it was blacks, such as the ladies on The View, who made that connection as they did again today with the cartoon.

Get over it people. Blacks are successful in every part of society. You have a quasi-black President and numerous other blacks in top government positions in this new regime. Blacks were prominent in President Bush's regime. There is no part of American life where blacks cannot succeed if they wish to. It gets so boring to hear blacks in the media connect everything to skin colour when it is no longer relevant.

Yes, of course, there are some white Americans who are bigoted against blacks. There are also whites who dislike Asians, Europeans or anyone who is not like them. There are also Asians who dislike whites and blacks and anyone who is not like them. There are certainly blacks who do not like whites and also do not like blacks who originate from other areas of the world from them. Bigotry is not limited to whites or anyone else but, for the most part anyone can get ahead if they just ignore the bigots of any stripe.

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