Thursday, October 23, 2008

Get ready, the Marxists are coming!

I just love this U.S. election campaign. Our Canadian campaign recently was called, campaigned and voted on in six short weeks. How mundane! Yours, on the other hand, seems to have been going on for years.

Although I am fascinated by American politics in general, this election has me completely stymied. The American and world media have decided on whom they wish to have elected and will not countenance any comments, true or false, that put their choice in a bad light.

Obama prays for over 20 years with a man who hates whites in general and American whites in particular. He says that if that Jesus is not a black man then he can go to hell. When this is pointed out to Obama, he states that he never heard any sermons or comments like that from his pastor and outwardly, at least, cuts of his ties with him. The media says "Oh, well then, that's okay."

He sits on boards with an unashamed American terrorist responsible for bombings that actually killed other Americans. He works with him on school funding; holds his first state senate campaign in the terrorist's home and yet since the man was a terrorist when Obama was 8 years old, Americans are told that it doesn't matter and that they are just nit picking and mean spirited.

His connections to Louis Farrakhan and Kenyan terrorists, we are told, are nothing to be concerned about. The fact that his own brother (half-brother, I know) lives in a shack with a rag over the door while trying desperately to educate himself and yet nobody asks why Obama hasn't helped him. He and his wife would certainly be considered very well off and the cost of assisting a Kenyan relative would be negligible to the Obamas.

Mr. Obama has little national experience and little state experience. Most of his time in the U.S. Senate has been spent running for President. If campaign ads suggest that he may not have enough experience for the most important job in the world, they are dismissed as negative advertising.

He has virtually no experience in world politics but because citizens of other countries treat him like a rock star, he gets a pass.

I actually heard a Chicago radio station tonight asking people how they planned to vote and why. One woman actually stated that she would rather look at him than John McCain for the next 4 years. That's certainly a novel reason to vote for someone who will have complete control of her country for at least for years - complete because it seems certain that the Commons and Senate will be democrat as well. An interesting reason to select someone for the number one job in the entire planet.

The democratic candidate, Joe Biden, runs off at the mouth and says things that are embarrassing to the campaign and the press says "Oh, that's just Joe." Let Palin make a small mistake and she is the dumbest person ever.

Although every aspect of Sarah Palin's appearance has been questioned, I haven't heard anyone asking what happened to the lines in Joe Biden's forehead (A little collagen anyone?) or why he seems to have more hair that he did when it was a darker colour.

By contrast, the treatment of John McCain and Sarah Palin by the media and democrats in general is vicious. Mr. McCain is dismissed as old and doddering although he certainly seems to have all his marbles and has a mountain of experience compared to Obama. Mr. McCain does not have the questionable associates that Mr. Obama does but that is apparently not important. I guess he is just not "cute" enough for the American voter.

Sarah Palin, who didn't ask for the job of V.P., on the other hand has been savaged by all but the republican base. The media, who are so disinterested in Obama's background, have poked and prodded every aspect of her life. They dismiss her as inexperienced although she has much more relevant experience than Obama. They make fun of her accent although there seem to be an awful lot of odd accents in the Senate and the House. They seem disgusted that she enjoys the outdoors and can actually bring home dinner for the family. They resent that she actually needs a wardrobe for the campaign.

On The View today, they discussed that she had bought new clothes and makeup. Joy Behar actually stated that the makeup purchase was probably lipstick for the pig! Can you imagine anyone having the temerity to make a comment like that about Mrs. Obama? Can you imagine the whining, crying and gnashing of teeth. But, since it was directed at Sarah Palin, it was apparently quite funny.

She has been attacked although she is only trying to serve her country - surely something to admire, not to discredit. Her husband has been attacked because he doesn't have a "normal" job like others in the Beltway. Her children have been attacked - even her son-in-law to be. The every courteous Joy Behar very nastily chided him for not being in college at 18 years old and asked "What the heck was wrong with him?" Although he has stepped forward to do what he considers his duty, people are disgusted that he will not be going to college at this time.

I am quite resigned to the fact that Canada's closest neighbour and biggest trading partner is apparently going to be governed by a Marxist but I fear for all of us. I hope that we all make it through and that Americans do not lose too many of their rights - rights that were given to them by spectacular men at the birth of the United States of America. American Democrats, like Canadian Liberals, always think that they are smarter than you, can spend money better than you and feel that you certainly need more laws to control you so you don't think for yourself too much.

God help us all!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Shame on CNN - Shame on John Roberts!

Although I am Canadian, I am fascinated by the American elections which are obviously far too long but infinitely more interesting than ours in Canada. I should probably mind my own business but the bad reporting that I have been viewing on CNN is making me crazy!

It was always my (apparently mistaken) impression that news people should present the news in a unbiased manner and that commentators present their own interpretation of the news based on their beliefs. When I turn in to Glenn Beck on CNN, I know that I am going to hear information from a conservative. When I tune in to Lou Dobbs on CNN, I know that he is a registered independent who doesn't much like anyone. But I really did think that news people held themselves apart from this and just presented the news.

It seems that I am uninformed and that the news is there to be molded and shaped to the beliefs of the news person doing the reporting. It also seems that, for the most part, the news people on CNN are Democrats who are unable to present unbiased news. In their choice of words and the manner of presentation, these news people could easily be on the Democratic payroll.

It is absolutely appalling that people who present the news should distort it to further their own political beliefs and choices. This evening, I watched John Roberts, a former Canadian himself, as he discussed last night's debate and managed to demean and insult and misinterpret John McCain in his every word and action. Obama, on the other hand, must surely be sporting a halo due to his intelligence and good manners and good policies - according to John Robers' interpretations.

Shame on you JD! You used to be a decent news person but these days you should be embarrassed at the way you are presenting the facts of this election. If not, I am certainly embarrassed for you and for CNN.

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