Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The vaccination/autism connection.

For those of you who cannot watch the Oprah show, today's show was really important. Jenny McCarthy and Holly Robinson Peete guested to talk about their sons who suffer from autism. It was interesting to hear Jenny talk about how she had brought her son back from autism by means of diet and activities designed to stimulate. She and Holly discussed how important it is to attack this disorder as quickly as possible after diagnosis. Unfortunately, they also discussed how difficult it is to get a good diagnosis and about how doctors do not know (or seem to care) about potential treatments.

It was even more important to hear Jenny McCarthy say out loud that she believes that vaccinations are directly implicated in the absolutely incredible rise in the rate of autism. Certainly, if you look historically at when autism began its meteoric rise, you will see that it parallels the rate of early and multi-vaccinations. The health system keeps adding more and more to the vaccination given to babies before their immune systems have even developed and insisting that is is completely safe even when the evidence is staring them in the face.

It was amazing to hear the statement from the CDC state that they are actually looking at this "potential" connection for the first time. I guess having to give a statement to the almighty Oprah Show puts you in an uncomfortable situation. This connection to vaccinations has been made on the Oprah Show before by another few parents of children with autism but Oprah seemed astounded at the possibility. Of course, when it was made before, her own special expert said that there was no connection - oops, how embarrassing! On that show, some of the parents were almost in tears at the end of the show after being made to look irrelevant and uneducated.

Jenny McCarthy has written a book about her experiences and information about autism. Just Google her for lots of info about it.

My first grandchild, a beautiful, wonderfully healthy baby girl, died only hours after receiving her vaccination. I have no doubt that we are endangering our children with these early and heavily laden vaccinations. I truly hope that our health people are looking seriously at this subject so that no more children are sacrificed in the name of "science."

Is this really news?

I'll out myself before I even start to complain. It may be that I am a little crankier than usual. I am detoxing from a medication that I cannot afford and that the Ontario government will not cover.

That being said, however, is it really news that one child, in the entire United States caught his Kroc in an escalator and hurt his toe? Oh wait, one child in Singapore also caught her toe while wearing Krocs. Good god, call out the Marines. Out of all the children in the U.S. and Singapore, two caught their toes while wearing Krocs! It's a national emergency and certainly deserving of wall-to-wall, on-going news coverage on every American and Canadian news station. For sure!

Now I am sorry that these two little dears hurt their little piggies but now I am also feeling sorry for all the kids who stubbed their toes running this summer while wearing sandals. And what about the kids who fell off their bikes? And what about the kids who are damaging themselves daily on their skateboards?

So many kids, so little bubble wrap.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Citizens of Ontario, get a grip!!

The latest poll shows that, although you like John Tory better, you are still planning to vote Liberal, at least in numbers high enough to give Dalton McGinty a majority. Are you crazy? Let me tell you some reasons why you should not even consider voting for him.

1. Remember when he promised, and signed a pledge that, if elected, he would not increase taxes? Less than a year later in brought in the biggest tax increase in the history of Ontario.

2. Remember when he said that the Conservatives had left a huge deficit? Actually, it was only half way through the year and the Conservatives said that they would have a balanced budget by the end of the year. Apparently, it was the Liberals doing the lying here as suddenly the Libs found themselves with not only a balanced budget, but a HUGE surplus which they are now using to buy your stupid little votes.

3) Just a while ago, the Libs started giving away your money to all and sundry that could bring them votes. No lining up and filling out forms justifying your cash needs here, just make a phone call and a cheque would be delivered the very next day!

Have any among you had to go to the time and trouble to get a building permit or a passport lately? Form upon form, information by the bucket load, and then wait and wait and wait. If, however, you want $100,000 for your cricket club (cricket club, are you kidding me?) then just make a call and a cheque for $1,000,000 (6 zeros) will be delivered the very next day. Since you don't really have any use for a million dollars, you can just put the rest into your savings account for a really rainy day. This was only one of many gratuitous and undocumented hand-outs given to people who might be able to bring votes to the Libs.

Yes, yes, the minister in charge did resign but watch carefully and you will see him miraculously reappear on some prestigious paid-by-the-day inquiry or the like. As Brian Mulroney said, there's no whore like and old whore and these guys never go away, they just move around from committee to committee, disgraced but still at the trough and apparently unable to earn a living in the real world.

4) During the last election campaign, Dalton promised the mother of a child with autism that he would finance the care of autistic children over six years old. He actually spent $2,400,000 in court fighting parents desperate for help.

5) He and his minions are going around saying that they have improved our medical care and, in particular, shortened wait times for knee and hip surgery. Don't believe it for a minute. First of all, most of us who don't live in Toronto or who aren't MPP's cannot even get a doctor. If you are lucky enough to even be referred to a surgeon for knee or hip surgery, you will not likely hear from the surgeon's office to set an appointment for longer than a year. After that, you will have to wait for the appointment and then wait for the surgery. The only wait time, out of the long, protracted wait, that Dalton considers is the last little bit - from surgeon to surgery. All the rest doesn't count. You see, the wait times haven't been shortened, just shifted.

6) If you are unlucky enough to be a senior citizen, keep your head down so you do not get in the way of the prescription de-listings. The Libs aren't interested in paying for anything that is not cheap, even though it may be the only thing that works for you.

7) In newest liberal television ads we see a smirking Dalton saying that to him Ontario means public schools which is odd because he always told us before that to him Ontario meant health care. It's especially odd since he was educated in a catholic school, his children are being educated in catholic schools and his wife teaches at a catholic school. Greg Sorbara's five (I believe) children all go to private schools. So much for the value of public schools!

Now, let's address the matter of John Tory stating that he will fund private and religious schools if elected.

1) These schools will only be funded if they teach the Ontario curriculum and meet Ontario standards.

2) The teachers would have to meet provincial standards.

3) These schools will be required to teach evolution in science class and would be allowed to teach creationism during religious classes ONLY.

4) These schools would have to be open for inspection just as public schools are and we would have control over what is being taught unlike what is happening now.

5) In the scheme of things, the dollar amounts are miniscule and could probably all come out of the budget of the Toronto School Board (my thought).

Please do not just vote as you have always voted. Do some research and consider if you wish to re-elect a man who has consistently lied to you.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

The feminization of the western world

It's really a shame that we have allowed liberals and soccer moms to take over the western world. In our schools we dumb down the curriculum so that nobody will feel badly about not being as smart as everyone else. We ensure that nobody fails a class in case they might feel that others are better than they are. In sports, we give everyone a trophy so that everyone feels that they have succeeded. If one team is too good, we penalize them. All in the name of being "nice."

It's really a shame, because what we have allowed these women and liberals to do is to ruin us as a society. Our society used to believe in survival of the fittest and for good reason. It is imperative that we, as a society, strive collectively and individually to be our best.

Animals know this instinctively and males strive to be the leader of the herd or pack. Females instinctively pick the best and strongest males to breed with in order to give birth to the strongest and best babies. They will also abandon the weakest babies in order to improve the herd or pack. Humans, being at the top of the pecking order, do not have to go this far. We can look after the weakest among us while still encouraging intelligence, strength and excellence.

The result of this feminization of society is the dreadful situation we find ourselves in now. Young people are leaving high school or college unable to put together a lucid sentence let alone a paragraph. Sports have been played down in our schools and, in many cases, banned for fear that someone might either be hurt or disappointed. In the U.S. there is serious consideration given to teaching black students in the ridiculous argot that they have taken to using, rather than encouraging them to use proper English so they can succeed in the world. Yes, the result is an entire generation of people who are undereducated, fat and afraid of confrontation.

We are in a frightening situation right now with Islam attempting to destroy us either by killing us or by out-breeding us and we are afraid to fight back either verbally, for fear of hurting someone's feelings or by fighting back literally. I heard two interesting things this weekend. One, and I apologize that I cannot remember the source, said conservatives hate war, liberals fear it.
The other was Michael Scheuer, former CIA agent and author of several books about Islam, terror and why we are losing the war. When asked if we can win in Afghanistan, pointed out that we pull 10 year old girls off the field if their team is too far ahead to give the other team a chance.

There is little chance of us succeeding in this war with Islam as we have lost our survival of the fittest instinct and given in to the liberals and soccer moms.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Dads are not disposible!

How did we get to the point that women thought it would be ok to deny the father of her children access to their children? It is so common now for this to happen and I cannot figure out when we decided that men are a disposable commodity, not necessary in the life of a child.

My father wasn't perfect but he was a good man. He came home from five years at war with a serious medical problem and a serious drinking problem like so many other men of that time. Later on, men came home from wars with drug problems. In spite of his illnesses, he was a good guy. I have wonderful memories of him cooking breakfast on Sunday mornings or making spaghetti sauce or soup. We loved playing board games and card games and on the weekends many of our friends would come over and play poker with us. When my sister and I were older and had kids, he rented a cottage so that we could all have a special holiday together. I doubt that the kids remember, but I do.

My mom was the very best and I have no doubt that we would have managed pretty well if my dad wasn't in the picture but it certainly wouldn't have been the same and I wouldn't be the same person that I am.

My big regret is that I didn't let my dad know how much I loved him and how much I respected him for all the things he did and all the things he tried to do for us before he was gone.

Women now have dad thrown out of the house, deny him access to the kids and then, if he puts up a fuss, they lie about abuse or have him charged with rape.

Those kids need their dad. They will spend their growing years missing him and thinking that he doesn't love them. Those feelings will affect them for their entire life. Their sons will go through life feeling inadequate about everything and their daughters will spend their lives looking for affirmation about themselves from men.

Moms and dads are important to the development of a child. For heavens sake, unless dad is an ax murderer, work through counseling or whatever is required to keep him in your children's lives.

Dads are not disposable!

Friday, September 14, 2007

So many questions!

A 16 year old, openly-gay, boy goes to school wearing a shirt that says "Every time you see a rainbow, God is having gay sex." People object and he is told he cannot wear that shirt to school. He then claims that his rights are being violated.

What have we come to that anyone thinks this sort of expression is acceptable? What would happen if he substituted Allah for God? Did his parents know that he had a shirt with something so vulgar on it? If they knew, they must have thought that this was acceptable for their son to wear. How is that possible?

Have we reached the point where there are no standards at all? Must we accept anything that anyone wants to say or do?

How did this happen?

So many questions.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Real Police!

A big pat on the back to an American kid who had the presence of mind to instill a dash cam in his car. Anyone who has been unfortunate enough to have had any dealings with police will know that this is entirely typical behavior. If the police feel like it, they will charge you with any number of false charges. If you can afford the exorbitant cost of a lawyer, you can do your best to fight them in court but they have the advantage because the courts believe (or pretend to believe the police). If you can't afford it, the crown, knowing that the charges are bogus, will offer you a deal and let you choose a couple of charges that you can plead guilty to. It is generally a no-win situation for you.

Again congrats to the kid who recorded the incident. Watch it and if you have ever said "Well he was charged so there must be something to it, the Police don't go around laying false charges", think again, it happens all the time.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

September 11, 2007

It is six years since the awful tragedy in New York when enemies of the west flew planes into three buildings and would have flown another into the White House but for the brave men on board. I have been watching some of the ceremonies and even six years later, I still tear up.

Since I am Canadian and live in Canada, I hear all the naysayers on the talk radio shows saying all kinds of things negative about the US and their President. I also hear all the conspiracy theorists saying that Bush and Cheney and their pals are the ones who planned the whole thing. I am not sure how you convince four pilots to give up their life and the lives of all the passengers for that plan.

What I do know for sure is that followers of Islam committed a terrific crime that day and that they are among us just waiting until they can commit another. They are in England, Germany, the Philippines, the U.S., Canada, and many other countries waiting and planning. As I have said before, Muslims can say that their beliefs are peaceful but, until this madness stops, we cannot believe what they say.

My thoughts today are with the families of the people on the planes, in the buildings and the rescuers. Also with all the people who have been permanently damaged by being in the area when destructive materials were falling and the rescuers who spent months in dangerous debris. They will have to face the destructiveness of 9/11 later on.

I am proud to live beside a great country like the United States. No country has helped others around the world as much as they have - in money to re-build when required, emergency supplies and workers, and in the lives of their military. God Bless America!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Oprah backs Obama

I admit it, I watch Oprah. For the most part it is an ok time waster although I have been known to tune out on occasion - especially when she gets into some of her "Men are monsters, or idiots or something to be rid of" shows. This happens most often when she has her friend the psychiatrist on. The doctor seems to have a real hate on for men in general, maybe because her marriage didn't turn out too well.

I am ok with the fact that Oprah favours black guests and often positively gushes over them I am ok that her garden party has only a couple of token white women. That is her prerogative. I am not so ok with her gushing support of Obama in his run for the presidency.

It is a fact that blacks were treated badly in the past and probably are treated badly in some places even now, so supporting your own is a good thing. Some of her guests have been well-known black men who have started schools and sporting events in order to help black kids get ahead. Oprah has herself started a school in Africa to assist young black girls prosper, although she might want to think about starting one in the USA. There are some areas that could benefit greatly from it.

So I get the supporting your own idea, I really do! I wonder, however, about supporting the first black man to run for president so overtly that you not only give your verbal support, but you throw political parties and show up at special events for him. When Oprah started supporting him, he had just thrown his hat in the ring and nobody really knew what he stood for but even then she was all about Obama.

I approve of helping your own to get ahead and I am sure the thought of a black President is appealing to Oprah and to most African-Americans but I wonder if that is a good enough reason for someone with the clout of Oprah to back him so strongly. He is very young, with little political experience and without any experience in leadership. He seems weak on foreign policy and I sure wouldn't want to see him have to go up against some of the really strong leaders in the world.

I find it disturbing that to many people the colour of his skin makes him a viable candidate for the most important job in the world. Surely there are more important attributes.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Bonnie View of Commercials

I actually like commercials. I know they are necessary if we are to get the programming we want and I very often enjoy them. Commercials from years ago stay with me and occasionally we talk about old commercials and wonder about the people that acted in them, especially the kids. I would love to see some of the commercials come back using the same people all grown up.

I am, however, amazed at the number of really bad commercials on TY. There are commercials with grammar so terrible that you can tell they are done by the new, young ad house stars, young people who think they are all that and a bag of chips. Unfortunately, education now doesn't equip students with good grammar or the ability to spell. Witness the number of people on TV who say "Me and my friend went to a show" or other equally bad statements. I am surprised that these commercials, which are vetted by lots of people at the ad house and the advertiser, make it to air. I suppose advertisers are trying to be modern and to relate to the younger generation.

I am not surprised by the number of commercials that make men look bad, especially white, middle-aged men. They and Scots seem to be considered fair game for advertisers to show in a bad light, either evil or stupid or irrelevant. Considering how men are treated in the real world, I guess this was to be expected.

THE CAPITAL ONE CARD. All the bad men in the commercial are shown as vermin, things to be despised. Of course all the vermin are white, middle-aged men. Considering how hard the banks have tried to integrate women and minorities, I would think they would be insulted by these commercials. Not only are they vermin, they are bigots and racists!

FORD MUSTANG. A man spies a Ford Mustang and decides to run and jump into the car. Of course being a dopey, incapable man, he lands on the door frame injuring his private parts. Why on earth would Ford think that injuring a man's most precious commodity would make him find their car appealing?

NABOB COFFEE. This is a whole series of commercials, all equally disgusting. In one a man pours his coffee, trips and throws it on a hanging rug. He wrings it out of the rug and drinks it. This is so repellent that I change the station when I see it coming. Yuck!!!

FEBREEZE SCENTED CANDLES. This one features a woman and a man - well sort of a man. The woman is enjoying the scent while the girly man is trying to make a move on her. Are there no real men available for commercials? Nobody could make me believe that this man would be even vaguely interested in that woman or any other woman.

DC WAFFLE CUP. Nice series of commercials, cute and suggestive but quite innocent. Perfect casting with just the right contrasting of sweet and sexy.

HOME DEPOT. They ran a whole series of commercials with families consisting of Mom and kids. The message was that a man wasn't necessary to do repairs or upgrades. Being a divorced woman with kids I know that often this is true but equally often I needed help from men to get the job done. The big problem is the message that is being presented everywhere that Dads are not necessary and the current abysmal behavior of kids belies this premise.

I notice that Home Depot has recently run a commercial featuring a man who is apparently capable of being taught how to do things. My guess is that they got lots of complaints about the women-only commercials.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

To all three of my grandchildren

What a wonderful weekend. Lots of family, friends and kids. My dogs thought they had gone to heaven with all those kids to play with. The best kid of all was my little 18 month old grandson Jack. What a cutie and the best natured child you could wish for. He is certainly the boss of his family and has his parents jumping to his every whim.

The only bad thing about the weekend was that my other two grandchildren couldn't be there. Thanks to female police, lawyers, judges and children's service workers, it has been decreed that nobody in our family should be allowed to see them or even send them a birthday card. Unfortunately, most of these women are lesbians who don't like men and don't consider them important in the life of a child.

It is pretty sad that dads are considered disposable and not necessary to children. I cannot imagine the permanent psychological harm that is being done to my grandchildren by making them believe that their father has walked away from them and doesn't care about them and that all their other relatives on his side of the family couldn't care less about them.

All sorts of research has been done that shows how children are harmed by a missing parent and how it affects their entire life. It makes them angry adults with poor self-esteem. The fact is, most female police and child care workers are lesbians and they do not like men and consider them unnecessary.

Unfortunately, I am not young and may not be around long enough to meet my grandchildren when they are old enough to decide for themselves. I hope that someday they will know that I loved them and missed them terribly.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Down with political correctness!

Have you ever been in a store when an unruly, rude child is told by his mom that "It hurts my feelings when you talk like that"? Don't you just want to tell her to discipline her child and stop being such a wimp? I think we have become a nation of wimps, so afraid to hurt someone's feelings that we cannot express our thoughts clearly anymore.

I listened to a bunch of TV talk shows on the weekend and everyone kept talking about radical Muslims being the cause many of our problems. Nobody wants to come our and say that Islam is the cause of these problems. Islam is to my knowledge the only religion that directs people to convert people to their religion or to kill them. Now that's radical!

People keep saying that most Muslims are fine upstanding people and that is quite likely the case but if you listen to radio talk shows on the subject of Islamic violence, it is astounding the number of times a middle eastern person will call in and say that Islam is a religion of peace and that the people who are killing in the name of Islam are wrong and misguided and then go on to say "But you have to understand ......".

Actually I don't have to understand any reason why people go around with bombs strapped to them and kill innocent people. I don't have to understand why they make bombs of glass and nails in order to do the most violence to humans. I don't have to understand any of that. It appears to me that Islam is a religion of violence - not of peace.

There is a bigger threat to our way of life however than the bombs. Muslims have moved from the middle east to almost every country around the world. Most of those countries have experienced a serious drop in birth rate as many people are deciding not to have children or are limiting themselves to one or two maximum. Muslims, on the other hand, are having large families wherever they live. In most countries, they will soon be a significant proportion of the population. As that happens, they will run for office and, because of voting blocs, they will win. When that happens, watch for law changes that support the Islamic faith and which will be very different from our mostly Judaio-Christian laws.

Where I live, we have already had Muslims demand the right to use Sharia law. It was frightening to see our left wingers considering this seriously and suggesting that it could be a good idea. Only an outcry from the rest of this prohibited it from becoming a reality. Watch for it folks, it's coming.

Sorry I couldn't be more politically correct.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Maybe we still need men after all .....

On my drive home last night I was listening to Coast to Coast, which many of you may be familiar with. The guest was a scientist whose name and specialty I didn't hear because I came in late but he was discussing astrological things like comets and black holes and the like. Many of the callers were astounding knowledgeable about the subject and asked questions of the expert that were very in depth and intelligent - at least they sounded like that to me. And, in fact, the guest kept saying things like "That is a very good question," so I guess the callers were pretty smart.

Nothing about the fate of the universe was resolved during the discussions but it was all very interesting. The most interesting thing to me, however, was that every single caller was male.

When I arrived at home, I got my dish of ice cream and sat down to watch the World Poker Tour. Not as weighty as the sky stuff but some pretty intelligent people playing for some very amazing amounts of cash. Students from Yale, former owners of cosmetic companies and the like. Couldn't stay awake long enough to see who actually won but I can tell you for sure that it was a man.

There are only a handful of women in the professional poker world and for the most part an eccentric bunch. Not that I'm complaining about that - I love eccentric people.

Again, the most interesting part of the WPT game - all men.

It seems that the social engineering people have not been able to change everything in our world and that maybe there still are differences between men and women.

God I hope so!

Police stupidity