Monday, September 17, 2007

Citizens of Ontario, get a grip!!

The latest poll shows that, although you like John Tory better, you are still planning to vote Liberal, at least in numbers high enough to give Dalton McGinty a majority. Are you crazy? Let me tell you some reasons why you should not even consider voting for him.

1. Remember when he promised, and signed a pledge that, if elected, he would not increase taxes? Less than a year later in brought in the biggest tax increase in the history of Ontario.

2. Remember when he said that the Conservatives had left a huge deficit? Actually, it was only half way through the year and the Conservatives said that they would have a balanced budget by the end of the year. Apparently, it was the Liberals doing the lying here as suddenly the Libs found themselves with not only a balanced budget, but a HUGE surplus which they are now using to buy your stupid little votes.

3) Just a while ago, the Libs started giving away your money to all and sundry that could bring them votes. No lining up and filling out forms justifying your cash needs here, just make a phone call and a cheque would be delivered the very next day!

Have any among you had to go to the time and trouble to get a building permit or a passport lately? Form upon form, information by the bucket load, and then wait and wait and wait. If, however, you want $100,000 for your cricket club (cricket club, are you kidding me?) then just make a call and a cheque for $1,000,000 (6 zeros) will be delivered the very next day. Since you don't really have any use for a million dollars, you can just put the rest into your savings account for a really rainy day. This was only one of many gratuitous and undocumented hand-outs given to people who might be able to bring votes to the Libs.

Yes, yes, the minister in charge did resign but watch carefully and you will see him miraculously reappear on some prestigious paid-by-the-day inquiry or the like. As Brian Mulroney said, there's no whore like and old whore and these guys never go away, they just move around from committee to committee, disgraced but still at the trough and apparently unable to earn a living in the real world.

4) During the last election campaign, Dalton promised the mother of a child with autism that he would finance the care of autistic children over six years old. He actually spent $2,400,000 in court fighting parents desperate for help.

5) He and his minions are going around saying that they have improved our medical care and, in particular, shortened wait times for knee and hip surgery. Don't believe it for a minute. First of all, most of us who don't live in Toronto or who aren't MPP's cannot even get a doctor. If you are lucky enough to even be referred to a surgeon for knee or hip surgery, you will not likely hear from the surgeon's office to set an appointment for longer than a year. After that, you will have to wait for the appointment and then wait for the surgery. The only wait time, out of the long, protracted wait, that Dalton considers is the last little bit - from surgeon to surgery. All the rest doesn't count. You see, the wait times haven't been shortened, just shifted.

6) If you are unlucky enough to be a senior citizen, keep your head down so you do not get in the way of the prescription de-listings. The Libs aren't interested in paying for anything that is not cheap, even though it may be the only thing that works for you.

7) In newest liberal television ads we see a smirking Dalton saying that to him Ontario means public schools which is odd because he always told us before that to him Ontario meant health care. It's especially odd since he was educated in a catholic school, his children are being educated in catholic schools and his wife teaches at a catholic school. Greg Sorbara's five (I believe) children all go to private schools. So much for the value of public schools!

Now, let's address the matter of John Tory stating that he will fund private and religious schools if elected.

1) These schools will only be funded if they teach the Ontario curriculum and meet Ontario standards.

2) The teachers would have to meet provincial standards.

3) These schools will be required to teach evolution in science class and would be allowed to teach creationism during religious classes ONLY.

4) These schools would have to be open for inspection just as public schools are and we would have control over what is being taught unlike what is happening now.

5) In the scheme of things, the dollar amounts are miniscule and could probably all come out of the budget of the Toronto School Board (my thought).

Please do not just vote as you have always voted. Do some research and consider if you wish to re-elect a man who has consistently lied to you.

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