Friday, September 14, 2007

So many questions!

A 16 year old, openly-gay, boy goes to school wearing a shirt that says "Every time you see a rainbow, God is having gay sex." People object and he is told he cannot wear that shirt to school. He then claims that his rights are being violated.

What have we come to that anyone thinks this sort of expression is acceptable? What would happen if he substituted Allah for God? Did his parents know that he had a shirt with something so vulgar on it? If they knew, they must have thought that this was acceptable for their son to wear. How is that possible?

Have we reached the point where there are no standards at all? Must we accept anything that anyone wants to say or do?

How did this happen?

So many questions.

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Curiepoint said...

I wish there were easy answers. As to your scenario of the kid with the filthy shirt, I can readily say that the problem is due to the fact that as an openly gay boy, he can whip out the victim card any time he chooses. You just know that he wore that shirt with the express intent to provoke, with the pre-meditated purpose of crying 'foul'. It would seem that if one has the stones to be openly defiant or confrontational, they ought to have equal conviction to put up with the outrage of those he intended to outrage. I am quite sure that his defenders are praising him for his "courage" in the face of victimization. But, is it really courage to act out and then wither away like a poor defenseless kitten when he gets what he was clearly asking for?

Incidentally, when are teachers, administrators, and parents going to realize that school is not open society? They are not democracies, just like places of business are not democracies. I would love to see some real discipline applied towards teaching worthwhile things in preparation for the cold reality of life, rather than pushing the agenda of protecting feelings and egos.

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