Monday, September 3, 2007

Down with political correctness!

Have you ever been in a store when an unruly, rude child is told by his mom that "It hurts my feelings when you talk like that"? Don't you just want to tell her to discipline her child and stop being such a wimp? I think we have become a nation of wimps, so afraid to hurt someone's feelings that we cannot express our thoughts clearly anymore.

I listened to a bunch of TV talk shows on the weekend and everyone kept talking about radical Muslims being the cause many of our problems. Nobody wants to come our and say that Islam is the cause of these problems. Islam is to my knowledge the only religion that directs people to convert people to their religion or to kill them. Now that's radical!

People keep saying that most Muslims are fine upstanding people and that is quite likely the case but if you listen to radio talk shows on the subject of Islamic violence, it is astounding the number of times a middle eastern person will call in and say that Islam is a religion of peace and that the people who are killing in the name of Islam are wrong and misguided and then go on to say "But you have to understand ......".

Actually I don't have to understand any reason why people go around with bombs strapped to them and kill innocent people. I don't have to understand why they make bombs of glass and nails in order to do the most violence to humans. I don't have to understand any of that. It appears to me that Islam is a religion of violence - not of peace.

There is a bigger threat to our way of life however than the bombs. Muslims have moved from the middle east to almost every country around the world. Most of those countries have experienced a serious drop in birth rate as many people are deciding not to have children or are limiting themselves to one or two maximum. Muslims, on the other hand, are having large families wherever they live. In most countries, they will soon be a significant proportion of the population. As that happens, they will run for office and, because of voting blocs, they will win. When that happens, watch for law changes that support the Islamic faith and which will be very different from our mostly Judaio-Christian laws.

Where I live, we have already had Muslims demand the right to use Sharia law. It was frightening to see our left wingers considering this seriously and suggesting that it could be a good idea. Only an outcry from the rest of this prohibited it from becoming a reality. Watch for it folks, it's coming.

Sorry I couldn't be more politically correct.

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