Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Boybott Loblaws

Loblaws apparently has a problem with shrinkage much of which they are blaming on staff. In order to deal with this problem they will no longer hire anyone with a criminal record. I understand they they have a situation to deal with but I cannot believe that this is a solution which is good for them or for society.

I doubt that people are aware of how many jobs are not available to people with a criminal record of any kind. They cannot be bonded although their record may have nothing to do with theft. They cannot have jobs, such as selling cars, if they require a license. Many, many companies will not hire anyone with a criminal record, no matter what the circumstance.

People say that if you do the crime you must do the time. They want you to straighten up and live right and become a productive member of society but then they make it impossible for you to do so. Nobody wants to take a chance on you so that you can, in fact, become that productive citizen.

Often young people do one stupid thing such as a minor theft or being charged with assault after an altercation. Should they be prohibited from obtaining a job indefinitely for that?

I doubt also that most people are aware of how many people get into the "justice" system and end up with a criminal record although they have not committed a criminal act. The family court system in particular seems to delight in charging men with a vast number of charges when a woman decides to lay a false charge. In order to get out of the situation without bankrupting their entire family to pay legal costs, they are given the option of accepting one or two of the charges (usually their choice) so that the others can be dropped. Often that is the only way to avoid going to jail or financial ruin for their families so they accept a couple of charges even though they may never have committed an illegal act. Unfortunately, what these men are not aware of in pleading to a criminal charge is that they will never see their children again and they will find it almost impossible to get a job of any kind.

How on earth is anyone with a criminal charge expected to become a productive member of society when it is made impossible by that very society? Has Loblaws or other companies who will not even consider people with a criminal record given any thought to what this does to the very society they are so concerned about?

There are many, many people with minor criminal records in this situation and many families who are trying to help them. I think we should all band together and boycott Loblaws and all their other stores such as Zehr's, Super Store, etc. I think we should all send a protest to Loblaws and let them know that we will not be sending any more cash their way until they re-think this policy. Since money is their motivation, let's not give them any of ours. I will be sending my protest. Will you?

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