Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Violence against women?

We hear so much from the media about male on female violence and certainly it is to be despised, as is any violence. We hear about safe houses for women and children and how important they are. We hear about how it is never, never acceptable for a man to be violent with women.

I agree.

How is it then that we see so much in the media that features female on male violence and that is okay? How many commercials are on the television right now that have females punching, kicking and otherwise abusing men? Certainly more than I care to see. These commercials foster a feeling among women that they can actually beat on men and not get hurt, unless, of course, they are beating on one of the new breed of she-males that are so prevalent in the cities. I know it is not the popular thing to say but generally women are not as strong as men and it would be really stupid for almost any woman to pick a physical fight with a man and hope to win.

In TV programs and movies, women are always beating up men. Again, unless you are a female superhero, it isn't going to happen.

Most importantly, however, why is is okay to portray women beating up men when the reverse would never be acceptable? The hue and cry that would arise from the women's movement and the left wingers would surely deafen us all!

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