Thursday, August 30, 2007

Nancy Grace

Just how desperate for publicity or attention do you have to be to appear as a so-called expert on the Nancy Grace show. I am embarrassed to admit that I watched tonight but it is re-run time and the pickings are slim.

What an incredible wretch this woman is. You can tell she is a former prosecutor, she rushes to judgement and then proceeds from there. If anyone tries to make a point that suggests something different, she cuts them off and talks over anything they have to say. She then has the chutzpah to ask why a man who says he is innocent would need a lawyer. Incredible!

She certainly does not approve of men in general and seems to be sure that every man has, wants to, or will at some time murder his wife. Her dislike for men is palpable. Of course, she has taken a run a women in the past as well as evidenced by the lawsuit against her at present for wrongful death in the case of a woman whose child disappeared.

I understand she has recently married and is expecting twins. God help him when she grows tired of him.

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Fidelbogen said...

Bonnie, my head is scrambling for a geographical foothold...if that makes any sense! ;)

You are in England or one of the Commonwealth nations - that much seems clear. I'm gonna take a guess at New Zealand or Canada.

How'd I do?

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