Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The "Justice System" Strikes Again

Congratulations to Steven Truscott on his acquittal, although he should have been found innocent. I was a teenager when he was convicted and I knew even then that he was innocent. The police, in their usual rush to conviction, decided he was guilty and worked to prove their theory. They completely ignored the evidence that a known sex offender was in the area that day and only focused on Truscott. They coerced young people and twisted the system to fit their needs. The crown, as usual backed them up and fought tooth and nail for years to keep justice from prevailing merely to protect themselves . Later, when people started to come to his defence, the evidence miraculously had disappeared. Imagine that!

I do not believe we have a real justice system in this country - only a court system. Pray that you never really need justice as it is hard to come by in our police system and in our courts.

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This blog is a must read. Hazzah to the bonnieview.

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