Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Carly Beth Cooper (or Edwards) - happy birthday, wherever you are

I was checking my January calendar today and noted, to my amazement, that January 26 will be your 30th birthday. That seems incredible, in my mind you are still a little girl as I last saw you.

You probably remember that I tried to contact you when you reached 18 but I know that you were told not to answer the door. I dread to think what you have been told about me and the rest of your family to make you not want to know any of us even after all this time.

You should know that your Dad is a lovely man who tried very hard to be in contact with you but to no avail, no matter how many court orders he got. He supported you to adulthood even though he was never allowed to see you. The tens of thousands of dollars he spent in fighting for his rights put him into terrible debt and he eventually gave up, knowing that you would not likely want to know him after all that time.

He is not what you have probably been told but a nice man who led a good life. The only hurtful thing he did to your mother was to ask for a divorce when it became apparent that they were not suited. This was very difficult for her and she became very bitter towards all of us. She kept you from us - even from your grandparents who loved you very much.

Your Dad is a successful man who held important positions in the government, was a college professor and is now happily married and living in the U.S. He would love to know you, as would I. Your Dad will soon by 75 years old so if you are curious, it would not be wise to delay and none of knows how long we have on this earth.

I wish you the best for your birthday and you life and would love to hear from you.

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