Monday, November 29, 2010

Wikileaks vs Claire McCaskill

It's very interesting following the Wikileaks drama in the U.S. It is, of course, serious for American international relationships and many intimate contacts and countries will be reluctant to share information for fear of being revealed. Some contacts may be in serious jeopardy in their own country.

Even knowing that the document dump was about to happen it appears the U.S. was impotent to block it. By contrast, on the weekend I googled Claire McCaskill just out of curiosity to see her background. No special reason, just interested. To my surprise, I noted that her first husband had been murdered. I decided to look for more information on him and his death but to no avail. It seems that all the sites related to this have been blocked. Hmm, curious.

Isn't it amazing that a junior senator or the government can arrange to have all information related to her husband's death blocked and yet the United States of America cannot arrange to block Wikileaks when it is revealing serious classified information.

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