Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Shame on CNN - Shame on John Roberts!

Although I am Canadian, I am fascinated by the American elections which are obviously far too long but infinitely more interesting than ours in Canada. I should probably mind my own business but the bad reporting that I have been viewing on CNN is making me crazy!

It was always my (apparently mistaken) impression that news people should present the news in a unbiased manner and that commentators present their own interpretation of the news based on their beliefs. When I turn in to Glenn Beck on CNN, I know that I am going to hear information from a conservative. When I tune in to Lou Dobbs on CNN, I know that he is a registered independent who doesn't much like anyone. But I really did think that news people held themselves apart from this and just presented the news.

It seems that I am uninformed and that the news is there to be molded and shaped to the beliefs of the news person doing the reporting. It also seems that, for the most part, the news people on CNN are Democrats who are unable to present unbiased news. In their choice of words and the manner of presentation, these news people could easily be on the Democratic payroll.

It is absolutely appalling that people who present the news should distort it to further their own political beliefs and choices. This evening, I watched John Roberts, a former Canadian himself, as he discussed last night's debate and managed to demean and insult and misinterpret John McCain in his every word and action. Obama, on the other hand, must surely be sporting a halo due to his intelligence and good manners and good policies - according to John Robers' interpretations.

Shame on you JD! You used to be a decent news person but these days you should be embarrassed at the way you are presenting the facts of this election. If not, I am certainly embarrassed for you and for CNN.

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