Monday, December 31, 2007

Will the punishment fit the crime?

Recently a teen-aged girl was murdered by her father. After he strangled her, he called the police and told them he had just killed his daughter. Although a trial has not been held yet and all the facts are not known, it has been reported by her friends that she had a difficult relationship with her family because she did not wish to wear her hijab. Apparently she would leave her homel dressed as her family wished and then changed before she arrived at school.

In the past in this province's politicians have actually considered seriously the possibility of allowing Muslims to use Sharia Law instead of the court system and rules that the rest of us are bound by. Thankfully, they were shouted down by right-thinking citizens who can see the possibilities of Sharia Law being used to keep Muslim women in their place and to punish them for supposed wrongs under Muslim laws. The politicians argued that it would only be used when acceptable to the accused, not realizing that these women must live with their accusers and that they would not likely dare to ask that Sharia Law not be used.

It will be interesting to watch this case and to see how our liberal court system and judges handle this case. I bet that this man will not do as much time in jail as Robert Latimer has done and will continue doing even though he killed his daughter out of love and his wish to remove her pain.

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