Monday, December 31, 2007


Just to let you know how irrelevant my life is, it is New Year's Eve and I wasted a full hour watching a special about Britney Spears on the Nancy Grace Show. Luckily, NG wasn't there but home with her twins. There was, however, a full contingent of women past their prime but still with long hair - a fashion faux pas for sure.

We were able to follow through Brit's full year of disastrous behavior with an emphasis, of course, on the fact that she is (at this time at least) an unfit mother who doesn't seem too interested in having her children back or even having visitation with them. She won't take drug/alcohol tests as ordered by the court; she doesn't show up for court hearings with the excuse that she is sick but, not sick enough to stay out of the clubs a few hours later; she won't go to parenting classes.

All the while, the children's father, Kevin Federline is apparently keeping a low profile and looking after his sons. This seems to draw the ire of the women guests on the show who sneer when they mention his name. One stated flatly that he only wanted the children for the money. Nothing was mentioned about women who marry men with money - for the money! I guess that is completely different and certainly acceptable. Another sneered that he probably dumps them on a nanny. I bet that this woman, if she has children, dumps them on a nanny but of course that would be different because she needs to be liberated.

Not one thought of the possibility that he loves his sons and wants them to be safe or that he might be a very good father. These new women seem to think that men should be available only to impregnate them and then to stay out of the way and not bother them. They should, of course, send money.

I don't know Kevin Federline but I know that his former girlfriend seems to like him and thinks he is a nice guy who loves his sons. I also know many men who are fine fathers and who love their children. They change diapers, feed babies, get up in the night as much as the mothers of their children.

It is time society took a look at its attitude toward men and that it is time we started to eliminate this new hatred of men that is going on with modern women.

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