Friday, November 30, 2007

What on earth is going on?

How come women on TV, in commercials and programs, are permitted to slap and punch and pinch the noses of men when a man doing the same thing to a woman would cause a backlash that would make an advertiser go out of business?

How come most men in commercials are bozos while women are almost always good looking and much smarter than their men - men who seem to be only tolerated?

How come when a women on TV states that she has left or divorced her husband, the audience cheers wildly and the other women on the show usually say "Way to go girl" or something similar?

Why is it that a woman who injures or kills her child must certainly be suffering post-natal depression or some sort of a mental disturbance while a man in the same situation is a monster?

Why do female teachers who have sexual relations with children get a slap on the wrist and become folk heroes while a man doing the same is disgusting and will go to jail for many, many years?

Why do we call divorced women single moms but we don't call divorced dads single dads? Aren't they still dads?

Why are so many women having children without fathers? Don't they know that a family is important to children? Don't they care that their children will grow up with lots of psychological problems if they don't have a dad?

Why is it that a dad who does not or cannot pay his child support will have his wages garnisheed or he will go to jail but a woman who defies court orders and will not allow her children to visit with their dad suffers no penalty at all?

Why does society presume that a father can easily walk away from his children and not care that he is not allowed to be part of their lives?

Why is it that women's groups are given government support but men's groups are not?

Why are men portrayed on TV as whimpering idiots? What happened to real men?

Why are little boys expected to behave like little girls or else they will be medicated? Doesn't anyone remember that boys used to be expected to act like boys? Doesn't anyone remember people saying "Oh well, boys will be boys."?

Why is it ok for little girls to wear sexy, suggestive clothing and to act like little tiny tramps - and people think it is cute?

Why is it ok for young teen girls to flash their bodies on the web?

What on earth is going on?

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